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Cats are like music: It's foolish to try to explain their worth to those that don't appreciate them.

last updated : 09.02.14

Newly Added Reviews

Nick Cave Push The Sky Away Nick Cave
Push The Sky Away

" Once it was impossible to think of The Bad Seeds without their guitar great Blixa Bargeld, now without Mick Harvey either"

Yardbirds For Your Love Yardbirds
For Your Love

" This album was put together by their American label and features three tracks with Eric Clapton replacement Jeff Beck"

Other Lives Tamer Animals Other Lives
Tamer Animals

" I've had this record for about a year, and cannot review it. The first four songs border on perfection... "

Spectrals Sob Story Spectrals
Sob Story

"If you want a long-lasting career like Dylan or The Fall, it's best to make sure every single album you make has at least one duff track... "

Clinic Free Reign 2 Clinic
Free Reign 2

"This version of Clinic's 'Free Reign' was produced by Daniel Lopatin before the band settled on their own, alternative mixes... "

Pixies EP1 Pxies

"If 'Bagboy' either impressed or surprised you, or both, 'Indie Cindy' is pure Pixie alternative indie pop/rock... "

Pixies EP 2 Pixies

"If you ever wanted to know what AC/DC crossed with Pixies sounds like, welcome to the world of 'Blue Eyed Hexe',..."

Beyonce Beyonce Beyonce

"Who thought when Goldie dropped'Timeless' in 1995 that Beyoncé would see such production touches as leading edge eighteen years...."

Madness One Step Beyond Madness
One Step Beyond

"Madness invent Blur ten years early with the jaunty and very brit-pop sounding 'In The Middle Of The Night'... "

Lou Reed Growing Up In Public Lou Reed
Growing Up In Public

"I keep coming back to the title track - this dumb, simple thing and'The Power Of Positive Drinking'... "

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