13/07/2013 The Pixies - Bagboy *****

The Pixies are back for their first song without bassist Kim Deal but with their first new song since 'Bam Thwock' in 2004. At this rate, we might be able to enjoy a new Pixies album in about 2032. The song may have been worked up by the band whilst Kim was still around, hence the Kim-like bass and Kim-like backing vocals during the chorus parts. The sound of the record is noteworthy, definitely and unmistakably Pixies, yet without sounding like it's still 1991, the production all round is fantastic, actually. The song itself is a grower, it won't replicate the first time you heard 'Gigantic' or 'Debaser', but then, what possibly could? Course, Frank Black/Black Francis has released so much solo material, the possibility of The Pixies without Kim may seem pointless to some, but this track is fantastic and certainly several steps up from 'Bam Thwock'. The lyrics are glorious, 'cover your breath, polish your teeth - then the chorus 'BAG BOY!' whilst the guitars chrunch in classic Pixies fashion. You can download the song for free here

13/07/2013 Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know? ***

Stuck straight on itunes with no real notice or fanfare arrives a new track from the ever prolific Arctic Monkeys. 'Crawling back to you....' sings Alex Turner as the music crawls and creeps to match. The rhythm section play sparingly through the opening section, although the bass is in all the right places, whilst the song centers around a dirty sounding guitar riff and, on occasions, a drum sound that sounds exactly like a loud hand-clap, inviting crowd participation of course. It's a song that will delight fans of the more recent Arctic Monkeys material whilst not exactly screaming 'please come back' to those that tuned out after the first two records, but for the fans it is aimed at, this will no doubt please them no end - well, it please me well enough. Watch The Video

13/07/2013 Grumbling Fur - Protogenesis***

Daniel O'Sullivan and Alexander Tucker are electronic due, the wonderfully named 'Grumbling Fur' mixing modern dance with early 80s synth-pop to great effect on this preview of their forthcoming LP 'Glynnaestra'. We open with a synth line over programmed beats and faint, echoey, chanting vocals. It's the sort of track that renders the continued career of Depeche Mode redundant, in all honest - judge for yourselves though and take a listen.

25/05/2013 Alex Adams - Open Eyes ***

Some guy i've never heard of sends me a new song, and it's marvellous. Very modern production techniques, one for the dancefloor yet an actual song at the same time. He has a high-vocal range and a note on his youtube page that he has a voice that will distinguish him from the crowd. I agree, this is a strong voice, a modern track and very catchy. It deserves to be a big hit. His facebook page can be found here. Facebook Page

25/05/2013 City Light - Sweet Death***

I really like this, released on Mush Records, they sound like a more melodic Pavement crossed with California. The guitars are really nice, a bit soft Dinosaur Jr crossed with, well, I don't quite know, and I like that I don't know. City Light are the electronic-pop project of singer/songwriter Matt Shaw and producer Nick Andre. They first came to prominence in 2010 with the album, Burned Out Bright. Listen to Sweet Death

01/06/2013 Moon Boots - Love Strong ****

US Producer Moon Boots is back with 'Love Strong', a sunny, dance-floor number pitched somewhere between clubbing and laying on a beach with your back tanning nicely. A nice house flavor, vocal samples, melodic bass-lines that are just right, perfectly placed to ensure your head and feet move in time. So, beams of sunshine for this tune and a big thumbs up from adriandenning.co.uk Listen to Love Strong